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Creating fluidity and suppleness in both horse and rider.

Yoga opens the body and unblocks energy—leading to a deep, following seat, soft hands, and effective aids. Throughout these workshops we explore specific riding challenges and develop a practice that will strengthen, balance and align your body, and foster a closer bond with your horse.

In Yoga for Riders sessions I make connections between yoga poses (asana), breathwork (pranayama), focus/concentration (dharana), and aspects of philosophy to help deepen our connection with our horses and improve our riding.

Join us as we explore how yoga can enhance your riding, whatever your discipline or level. You don't need to be flexible or know yoga to join in!


Workshop topics have included:

  • Yoga and the Sitting Trot
  • Freeing the Hips
  • Soft Hands, Soft Mouth
  • Developing a Supple Seat
  • Yoga and the Mounting Block

Contact me for more information, or to book a Yoga for Riders session for your studio or barn.