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‘Do more with less’ - ‘Work at warp-speed’ - ‘Put in 110%.’

These are all mantras I’ve heard time and again when speaking with colleagues and clients in the corporate world. There is more stress in the workplace now than ever before.

The good news is that employers increasingly recognize the benefits of fitness and wellness programs in supporting employees health and productivity.

Trillium Wellness @ Work™ offers several programs that benefits managers can incorporate into their wellness programs. I’ve designed a number of seminars, workshops, and multi-week sessions to help employees manage negative stress and attain a sense of wellbeing.

Wellness @ Work programs incorporate stress reduction, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga techniques to manage workplace stressors and nurture a healthy work/life balance.

  • Yoga @ Your Desk
  • Yoga @ Your Desk II
  • Move ~ Breathe ~ Meditate™
  • Mindfulness @ Work™
  • De-stress and Refresh
  • Mindfulness for Excellence in Leadership
  • Stress-less for the Holidays

Click here for a pdf of Wellness @ Work programs.

Corporate clients have included:

  • Kathy Greer Associates
  • Infinity Pharmaceuticals
  • Bose Corporation
  • Milton Roy
  • Employment Options, Inc.

Contact me to bring Trillium Wellness @ Work programs to your workplace.