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Channeling the flow of universal healing energy.


Think about the soothing touch of a parent's kiss on a child's 'boo-boo', or even how good a hug feels - those are examples of healing energy. As a Reiki practitioner I've been attuned to direct healing energy (ki) to enhance relaxation and encourage the body, mind, and spirit to shift to wellbeing and ease.

By stimulating the body’s natural healing energy Reiki brings us into balance, fosters healing, reduces stress, encourages deep relaxation, and releases anxiety. Reiki energy naturally will flow to support the 'best' for each individual's needs.

I've used Reiki to help clients relax, release physical discomfort, heal an injury, soothe side-effects and encourage healing post-surgery and/or during cancer treatment.

Craniosacral Bodywork

Craniosacral bodywork is a kind, gentle approach to relieving pain, discomfort, and physical stress. The gentle touch releases deep-seated tension and encourages the body to open into its natural alignment and wellbeing. Using a light touch I monitor and gently release restrictions in the body. This soothing, healing modality nourishes all tissues in the body, brings the body's systems into balance, and is an effective treatment for:

  • Chronic neck & back pain
  • Migraines & headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Sleep disturbances
  • TMJ and teeth clenching
  • Stress and tension
  • Fibromayalgia
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
  • and much more.

The result is a deep sense of well-being.

Contact us to book a Reiki or Craniosacral session and experience these healing energies for yourself.


Animal Reiki

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In addition to people, I offer Reiki to our pets. Yes, pets of all kinds…animals are sensitive to Reiki energy and are responsive to its healing and soothing influence.

Since animals don't have 'words' I watch closely for their reactions. It is so much fun to see animals respond to the energy. Sometimes they shift their bodies and direct the Reiki, sometimes they'll let me know when the energy flow is too strong - and I'll adjust my position, or they just melt, settle in and go into deep state of relaxation.

My animal Reiki practice has been focused on dogs and horses, but I’ve also worked with birds and bunnies. Part of what's so rewarding about this work is that each session is different, even with the same animal client.

Book a healing session for yourself or your favorite pet or equine partner.