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Wellbeing brought to you by, Janet Colantuono

Yoga & Meditation

My path to Trillium Wellbeing began when I was first introduced to yoga in elementary school.  I practiced intermittently into my adulthood, eventually leading me to the Yoga Teacher Training program at Central Mass Yoga.  In 2006 I became certified in Hatha Yoga - training in the Royal Path and the Iyengar tradition, and Yoga Warriors - a practice to reduce effects of combat and post traumatic stress. 

Along with creating bliss during class, I'm inspired to remove the 'intimidation factor' from yoga and meditation -- everybody can practice and enjoy yoga's bounty.

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Healing Energy - Reiki and Craniosacral Bodywork

The Trillium concept expanded as I was introduced to Reiki, a soothing, healing energy work. I received my Usui Reiki I level with Libby Barnett. Libby's training was through teachers with a direct line to Hawayo Takata, the grand master who brought Reiki to the United States from Japan. Reiki II came to me through my friend, fellow yoga instructor, and shaman, Cheryl Johnson. 

I've integrated Craniosacral Therapy into my practice - its a perfect complement to the practices of Reiki and equine bodywork. I've trained with the Upledger Institute, and Kate Peck, who combines the teaching of Upledger and Milne.  My clients share with me the multiple levels of release they experience after every session.

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Equine Bodywork

Informally 'rubbing' on horses led me to deepen my practice and in 2003 I became certified in sports massage therapy through Equissage NE  and expanded my training with Jim Masterson's Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork method.

I refer to my work with horses as 'bodywork' because I intuitively blend a variety of modalities, Reiki, massage, craniosacral in each session - all depending upon what the horse needs on a particular day.

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I've found that attending clinics - watching the horse/rider combinations and hearing clinicians' approach to movement informs both my Yoga for Riders and Equine Bodywork practices. I've had the privilege to audit clinics with:

More - Web Design

In addition to Trillium Wellbeing I have a boutique web design business, Firefly Webworks.  Previously I cultivated a diverse professional background in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Learn more on my LinkedIn profile - Janet Colantuono.